Monday, March 25, 2013

The Coop...

Met up with Ivan last week to shoot his (not so) Mini Cooper S. I first spotted his car on Instagram ("straight flexin") after posting my last shoot. It turned out Ryan from the last shoot knew him, so it was a done deal.

Ivan's Cooper S has simplicity written all over it and is put together tastefully. After seeing it in person, I knew it was going be a good day. The Fifteen52 Tarmac's caught my attention at first glance and was a perfect excuse to check them out in person (I want a set!). After taking a closer look at the Cooper and having it on my screen for days, I noticed the little things that added up to make it Ivan's own. Something as little as the Gobadge "S" curve in the front and the Spec D Tuning headlights helped set this car apart. What made it stand out for me was the upgraded M7 Vortex 2 Scoop in addition to the Fubrication GP rear wing.

"When I look at cars, I don't look at them as stock, I see them for their potential." - Ivan

IvanMiniCooper 1
IvanMiniCooper 5

Is the Cooper to the potential that he imagined? He'd probably tell you that it's getting there and this is just the beginning. For every car enthusiast out there, we all know there's always something new to do or something old to change. It's the never ending plan.

IvanMiniCooper 8
IvanMiniCooper 10

Car info:
2011 Mini Cooper S (R56)
Horizon Blue / Black Roof

M7 Vortex 2 hood scoop
Fubrication GP rear wing
OutMotoring wiper delete kit
Cooper Side Scuttles
Spec D Tuning Headlights (6k iJDM Toy Headlights and Fogs HiD)
iJDM Toy LED rear license plate bulbs
Gobadge front "S" Curve

3" Mini Corsa Downpipe Back Exhaust
M7 Turbo Heat Shield
M7 Super AGS Intake

Fifteen52 Tarmac RSL 17x8 ET 30 - Nitto Neo Gen 205/40/17
16mm Front Spacers
3 mm Rear Spacers
Motorsport Hardware 75 mm Stud Conversion Kit
M7 Coilovers - Full Height/Compression/Rebound Adjustment
H&R Rear Sway Bar 19mm Adjustable

IvanMiniCooper 15
IvanMiniCooper 16
IvanMiniCooper 20
IvanMiniCooper 21

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