Friday, June 3, 2011

the White Elefant in the Room...

Indeed...a hard one to pass up and ignore...

Met up with Harlan and Ray from Elefant Supply Co. at this years Bay Area 02 Swap & Show.  After talking to Harlan a week prior, checking out what they had in the works, he mentioned they were heading up here in a 2002 for a show.  After checking out Ray's 2002 on their blog, I made it a mission to head out to Brisbane to catch up with Harlan, meet his brother, and add this beauty to my photo collection (I wish in my garage).   

Much props to them for making the long trek from Los Angeles to the Bay in this S14 powered beast.  True Bimmer fanatics!

Make sure to check out Elefant Supply co. and all their goodies.

IMG_2457 copy

Here's the scoop:
1973 BMW 2002
Chamonix White

2.3 S14
E21 5 Speed Transmission
3.90 LSD
Big Brake Kit
Full Ground Control Front Coilovers
Adjustable Camber Plate
IE 22/22 Hollow Adjustable Sway Bars
Elefant Front Strut Bar
Elefant Rear Strut Bar

Italian Turn Signals
Porsche Recaros
Momo Prototipo Steering Wheel
Alpina Shift Knob

BBS RM 15x7, 15x8

IMG_2430 copy
IMG_2473 copy

Footage from Elefant Supply co.

2011 Bay Area 02 Swap & Show in Brisbane CA May 21 from Elefant Supply on Vimeo.