Monday, August 13, 2012

The Infamous by Canibeat x Hellaflush

Canibeat and Hellaflush teamed up to bring us "The Infamous" this past weekend.  Packed my equipment up on Saturday, and I was off.  When I arrived, I was pleased to see that the line was not unnecessarily long.  Wait five minutes, pay your 10 bones, and enjoy.  My only complaint was the charge for parking.  I should have just said, "no, I'm here to see the boat, not the cars," then I would have been in and out quick.  They asked for the full charge for the day, but what can you do, so I stayed longer.  This was a clean and simple show with a very nice collection of cars that came out to represent.  I did my rounds for photos, then kicked back to watch the homies, Chris (DJ Flow) and Donovan (Rockforce), host the illest 3-on-3 b-boy battle. 

Couldn't have asked for a better day. 

Until the next show...



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HellaflushxCanibeat2012 36
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