Monday, June 3, 2013

AutoCon 2013 - Santa Anita Park

A hot hot sunny day to remember...

I saw the families spraying sunblock on themselves and thought to myself, "'s not that serious, acting like their going to the beach or something?" Well, they were obviously from around and knew what was in store. Burnt within the first 30 mins, soaked in sweat in even less, and well-done after a few hours of slow roasting. I seriously thought this was an indoor event, not at all.

With the amount of cars there, it was pretty hard to catch a photo of every single car or even look at every one. I ended up running a few laps back and forth, up and down the isles, to see what caught my attention. I'm sure when I check out the other photos floating around, I'll see some good ones I missed. Oh well...

Also, scroll down to the bottom for a link to the gallery...enjoy!

The old schools are always lookers for me...
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013

I was never really a fan of the Scion FR-S, but after seeing them fully modded they're starting to grow on me. Seem like they're slowly taking over. More and more of them are popping up...
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013

It's always a pleasure to see the Euro's come out to play in a show dominated by JDM and VIP cars.
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013

Ran into Ivan, the owner of the Mini Cooper I shot a while back.  Good to see him rocking the Digifresh label!
AutoCon LA 2013

After doing my rounds, I headed out to the SpoCom booth to meet up with Johnne to put a name to a face and check out his VIP BMW. Plans to do a shoot are in the works so stay tuned.
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013

And the best Euro there or more like the best car of the show for me, was this beast:
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013
AutoCon LA 2013

See the rest here:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bimmerfest 2013 - Rose Bowl

A few favorite shots from Bimmerfest this past weekend. Checkout the Elefant Supply Co. blog for my quick write-up and additional photos.  For the BMW die-hards, make sure to checkout their online shop for some keepers, especially the skatedecks.

Bimmerfest2013 90

Bimmerfest2013 70

Bimmerfest2013 12

Bimmerfest2013 18

Bimmerfest2013 79

Bimmerfest2013 40

Bimmerfest2013 20

Bimmerfest2013 24

Bimmerfest2013 66

Bimmerfest2013 69

Bimmerfest2013 68

Bimmerfest2013 51

Bimmerfest2013 58

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Speed & Stance - Auto Club Speedway

As promised, my follow up from the good photo weekend. So last Sunday, I was cruising Instagram admiring all the automotive photo work out there. Then I ran into a picture of an impromptu car meet turned carshow that was happening that day, held by Motormavens and a few others. Coming down from my photo high from the day before, I had to chase it again. Mapped Auto Club Speedway, saw it was an hour away, and I was off.

I imagined I wasn't going to be there for long. Park real quick to snap a few photos a leave. The first indicator of, "okay, okay...this should be good," was the back up of cars to get in. Early arrival was key. By the time I left, there were tons of cars waiting to get in. After I paid my 10 bucks to park, I was surprised with the turnout of cars and people. I'd describe it as a mini-carshow with a mix of fully suited cars at the entrance, to spectator cars getting to show of of their pride and joy. A bonus to the show was the other events going on off to the side. If you got bored of looking at parked cars you could easily walk to either side of the show and watch cars make a run for it. You even had the ability to check out the garages to enjoy that fresh aroma of a freshly tracked car. If you wanted a more foody aroma that you could taste, food trucks were on hand to fill you up. Much props to the folks who put this together. From what I heard over the speakers, they put this together in a week. I'd recommend checking this out if another pops up, I know I will.

Until next time...