Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Night Concord Meet - 6.15.09

Finally went back to a Monday night Euro meet out in front of Kohls in Concord. This time with the camera. Word on the street was that a bunch of folks were coming. Yup. This was the biggest turnout I've been to, but I've only been out to these meets three times, so there could have been bigger in the past.

These are all the photos I took (that came out decent), there were a few other cars that I missed.
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PXRacing & Takastyle Car Show @ RPM

Went to the PXRacing & Takastyle Car Show this past weekend to cover the event with camera in hand. It was held in the parking lot of Race Place Motorsports (RPM) Indoor Kart Racing in Sacramento.

What was originally supposed to be 12 car meet, according to James, turned into a 100+ car event with vendors, models, entertainment, and a nice crowd of spectators.

If you got bored looking at cars, or got tired of sweating your "you know what" off in the heat, you could make your way into RPM to cool down or turn up the heat more and race go-karts. I did both...but I got HOOKED on those little speed machines.

In due time, this event will get bigger and bigger.

James' infamous rubber ducky! The show definitely can't go on without this little dude.

Check out all the photos: GALLERY

Friday, June 12, 2009

New lens...First shot...Cool car.

Woohoo, got another brand new lens. I've had the 24-70 2.8L a few months back, but sold it to a friend to get some wheels. Well, I bought another one, and it feels good to have it! Now I'm ready for the weekend!

Don't let the pictures and the bright colors fool you, that e30 M3 definitely needs some work!!! Every person has their good side, right? Well, every car does too!