Wednesday, November 23, 2011

LA Auto Show 2011

What a perfect time to relocate out to LA.  First, a vintage BMW show, and now, the LA Auto Show.  Saturday night we hopped on the Metro and took a nice walk down to the Convention Center and saw a bunch of fun looking places that we need to go back to for a date night.  There's a lot going on in that part of town.

Once we got in, the fun began.  We hit every hall (I hope) checking out all the production cars and the sweet looking concepts.  The one car I was hoping to see, the BMW i8 Concept, was there and I loved it.  The concept that caught my eye was the Subaru BRZ, and all I can say is...beautiful.  The car I want right now at this moment as a daily, the Mercedes C63 AMG Black!  It was a good show, better than the SF show I went to last year.  All the shiny paint and fresh smelling interiors satisfied the hunger.

BMW i8 Concept

Subie Concept

C63 AMG Black Series

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