Friday, January 21, 2011

Stay "FIT" with OTL...

Poke and Slam, what more can I ask for.  This impromptu shoot with Daniel G., Founder of, was well worth the drive out to the East Bay.  I've only seen pictures of his ride online, or through text messages, and was already imagining what it looked like in person.  One word, "PROPER".

Backside Love...

Here's the scoop:
2009 Honda Fit Sport
Full Mugen Kit

UA Aero Sports - Front
SS RE5 - Rears
Viair 480
2x EAI Valves
3 Gallon tank
1/4 lines all around with PTC fittings on everything

ESM 002 - 16x9 +10
Falken 205/40/16

Make sure to visit the homies @

Click for Gallery
OnTheLow - Honda Fit w/ Owner/Founder
Stanced just right...
Light write...OTL Rep...

Just wanted to add:
Big thanks to Cristian at for featuring my photos on his site!!!  And to Daniel for letting me shoot his ride...couldn't have done it without your ride and your support!!!

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