Monday, March 29, 2010

Slammed BMW + CCW's = A CLEAN RIDE

With the opportunity knocking, I was able to do a photo session with a BMW that is on the "come-up" list in my book. I've seen this car progress over time. When I say progress, I meant, it got lower...and lower...and lower. Then, a new wheelset was thrown on and brought this car into another level. This a one clean ride!

I remember reading somewhere that someone heard that he was going to raise the front end up after a shoot. Well, I think they heard wrong. It stayed as is, from the time I pulled up to the house, to the time we parted ways at the stop light. We drove to-and-from, through railroad tracks and bumpy industrial roads looking for a spot. The best thing about it is that he still drives like a crazy MOFO.

Car Info:

Pavel K.

2000 BMW 528i

Custom Suspension:
Fronts - FK Struts/Supersport Springs Rears - Bilstein Shocks/Ground Control Springs

Euro Hella Headlights/Tail Lights

2001+ Front Bumper

CCW LM20 18x10 et -7 (Fronts) 18x11.5 et +16 (Rears)

Falken 452 - 225/40 (Fronts) 255/35 (Rears)

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