Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fort Point Shoot

These photo's were taken a few weeks back at Fort Point in S.F. after a Euro meet at the Berkeley Marina. So I guess it's an oldie, but goodie.

A collaboration with myself and homie, Daniel P.

By the time we got to the place it was too dark to take shots without flash. I had my 430ex attached to my 40d, but shots were still coming out bad. So we tried something we learned on youtube. We set up Daniel's XT on a tripod and set the camera on longer exposures so we can manually set off the flash around each car. After a few trial shots, we found our settings and this is what we got.

I think it's time to invest in some lighting!

cars + nothing else to do = cool photos!

Under the Golden Gate - MKV

Daniel's MK4 GTI:
Under the Golden Gate - Daniel - MK3

Pavel's 5-series BMW:
Under the Golden Gate - Pavel - BMW 5 Series

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